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The Seeker Solution business blog provides operational management tidbits for the everyday business leader. These tips and solutions are targeted for small to medium sized companies in written and video format. You may also follow Seeker Solution on social media for more frequent, additional insights into the daily hustle of managing business operations.

Mommy and “Me” – The Guilt Complex of the Working Mom Part 2

As a working mom, we are so hard on ourselves. Instead of just owning what we know we are good at doing, we should appreciate our current situation. I felt guilty no matter what situation [...]

Mommy and “Me” – The Guilt Complex of the Working Mom Part 1

I wish I could be more like her. If only I could... [insert your dreams here]. Stop the wishing and start realizing your dreams! I can be a wife, a mom, a friend, a volunteer. [...]

Teamwork vs. Me Work – A Happy Workforce

Managing your staff is a fine balance of setting boundaries and creating a participatory teamwork environment. “Teamwork” turns into “me work” if employees don’t work well together, even if they are the best and brightest [...]

4 Ways to Train Your Staff

What is Training? Training is the process through which any individual in the workplace develops any particular set of skills, knowledge and expertise that relates to specific useful competencies. The purpose is to improve your [...]

How to Get Your Top Recruits to Stay

Knowing organizational behavior concepts will help you improve your employee retention rates and will decrease the costs associated with high turnover. Employee retention is measured by the rate at which current employees of your organization [...]

How to Hire Quality Candidates in 7 Easy Steps

Are good people hard to find? If good people are hard for you to find, you need to reevaluate your recruitment strategy to recruit quality candidates. The Business Dictionary defines business recruitment as the process [...]