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The Seeker Solution business blog provides operational management tidbits for the everyday business leader. These tips and solutions are targeted for small to medium sized companies in written and video format. You may also follow Seeker Solution on social media for more frequent, additional insights into the daily hustle of managing business operations.

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How to Get Your Top Recruits to Stay

Knowing organizational behavior concepts will help you improve your employee retention rates and will decrease the costs associated with high turnover. Employee retention is measured by the rate at which current employees of your organization [...]

How to Hire Quality Candidates in 7 Easy Steps

Are good people hard to find? If good people are hard for you to find, you need to reevaluate your recruitment strategy to recruit quality candidates. The Business Dictionary defines business recruitment as the process [...]

Personalized Experience for Better Customer Engagement

In our last post, we talked about incorporating customer engagement into your marketing strategy. This post will dive deeper into that to help your customers feel a personalized experience for better engagement. Have you ever [...]

Increased Focus on Customer Experience

If you are reading this blog you care about your customers and want them to be satisfied at all times. Identifying leads, converting them into opportunities, translating them into customers and eventually providing them with [...]

Balance Sheet 101: How to Read it and What it Means

The balance sheet is a snapshot of your company's financials at a given time, usually on an exact date. This date may be at the end of a month, end of a quarter or end [...]

P&L 101: Top Line, Bottom Line, What Does it All Mean?

What is P&L? As a business owner or financial manager, the performance of your company and financial health typically relies on 2 important financial statements: Profit and Loss or P&L Statement and Balance Sheet. Therefore, [...]