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The Seeker Solution business blog provides operational management tidbits for the everyday business leader. These tips and solutions are targeted for small to medium sized companies in written and video format. You may also follow Seeker Solution on social media for more frequent, additional insights into the daily hustle of managing business operations.

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Top Areas to Automate for Higher Productivity

Technology is transforming the way we operate and execute our businesses. Contrary to popular belief, technology is not really replacing humans but it enhances our roles. Repetitive and large scale jobs don’t need continuous human [...]

What To Do When You Have A Bad Boss

Bad boss or manager is probably the most common cause for employees resigning. A major percentage of attrition rate is due to bad managers or incapable bosses and not because of organizational policies. Don't most [...]

Making or Managing: 5 Steps to Take When Mistakes are Made

“Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them.” - Bruce Lee And that is where learning begins. Mistakes, they say, are precious lessons in life, be it in your personal life [...]

5 Action Steps for Popular Training and Development Options

In our last article, we talked about training and development, the key components to performance, and how they benefit both employees and employers alike. We also noted different ways to administer training in your workforce [...]

Training and Development Part 1: The Cornerstones

Training and development are two pillars holding up the bar of performance that an employee delivers. Good training gives knowledge to executives and makes them efficient in the workplace. On the other hand, development is [...]

Marketing Part 2: Video Concepts

Businesses need to familiarize themselves with the most popular video concepts when considering their marketing plans. Did you know that YouTube has gradually become the second largest search engine? Videos have taken over social media [...]