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The Seeker Solution business blog provides operational management tidbits for the everyday business leader. These tips and solutions are targeted for small to medium sized companies in written and video format. You may also follow Seeker Solution on social media for more frequent, additional insights into the daily hustle of managing business operations.

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Strategic Planning Part 2: Implementation

Strategic planning is very important for the growth of any business. Management education has advanced strategic planning by incorporating it more and more into the curriculum, thus management graduates can create a plan and devise [...]

Strategic Planning Part 1: Preparation

Effective Business Plan: Strategic Planning “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. So managers should have a business plan as one of the many tools to run a successful business. Developing an effective strategic plan [...]

Operations Part 3: Management in a Nutshell

In Operations Part 1, we started by covering policy, process, and procedure. We defined them and touched on why they are an integral part of your business. Then in Operations Part 2, we switched gears [...]

Operations Part 2: Are You Managing Efficiently?

Business owners or stakeholders have a common goal and that is having a sustainable business. In the last blog, we discussed policy, process, and procedure, defined them and touched on why they are an integral [...]

Operations Part 1: Policy, Process & Procedure – Do You Know the Difference?

It’s surprising how a majority of top business owners use the terms policy, process & procedure interchangeably. Incorrectly defining the objectives associated with these three pillars of business could affect overall productivity. It can also [...]

Interns: Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Are you contemplating hiring interns and/or starting a new internship program at your company? My goal is to provide you with some insight to consider whether hiring interns is the right fit for you. Interns: [...]