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We work face-to-face with you and your team—remotely as needed—to achieve and sustain transformational impact over time. We help you put the right business processes in place and work with your teams to make your organization capable of driving and sustaining the change—even long after we are gone.

Our work anchors in your vision, carefully understanding your organization and culture to deliver tangible results through practical, hands-on partnership and implementation. We focus on building your internal capabilities to unlock your potential and help establish the tools, processes, and skills you need to flourish now and in the future.

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We help entrepreneurs and their companies achieve their full potential.

Based in Phoenix, Ariz., Seeker Solution is a boutique business management and consulting firm. We specialize in company growth acceleration and help you achieve goals, develop leaders, manage money, find customers, create culture and drive results.

Seeker Solution was founded with the mission to ease the business owner’s burdens by stepping in as your company’s C-level advisor. We work with clients who have a footprint both locally and internationally, by providing full-service and itemized solutions. Our customized business solutions include expert collaboration and implementation through Strategic Planning, Training & Development, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Process Management to effectively and efficiently achieve business success.


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Our clients consist of business owners, executives, operators and administrators. They say some of the reasons they came to us in the beginning was because they felt as if they never had enough time, they were busy, run down, felt like they were spinning their wheels and they didn’t spend their time on what they love to do anymore.

Some common character traits we see in our clients are that they do what they say they are going to do, they realize they need help and they are ready and willing to do the work to make a change. Clients that do not succeed with Seeker Solution are all talk and no follow-through, they are looking for the easy way out and they have a negative perspective.

Can you identify with any of the following statements?

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What our clients have to say


With more than 15 years of corporate operations and management experience

Jamie Seeker founded Seeker Solution to help entrepreneurs and business leaders learn, grow and thrive. As one of the only full-service, boutique business operations companies in the U.S. offering customizable, holistic business solutions, Seeker Solution provides strategic support and result-driven tools that enable business owners, managers and C-Levels to take their company to the next level. Seeker Solution’s hands-on approach cultivates a synergetic environment to expertly assess, identify, develop, and execute a strategic business solution for each client and its company’s operational needs.

Jamie’s mission was to create a holistic business concept that was more than business coaching or leadership development. She launched Seeker Solution with the mission to sharpen a business owners’ personal skills and abilities, help accomplish their entrepreneurial vision, achieve their company’s specific objectives, and accelerate their company’s growth.

Seeker Solution Team
Jamie Seeker


Owner, Principal Consultant

Jamie Seeker

Jamie Seeker

Owner, Principal Consultant

Hi I’m Jamie Seeker and I specialize in Business and Financial Management. I founded Seeker Solution with a heart for business owners and leaders and my goal is to help improve business operations in their companies. We are also here as a resource for our clients to ask for advice, lean on for support and be an understanding and listening ear when you just need to unleash and vent!

You see, I started off my career in operations management, so I understand because I’ve been there. And now that I have a business of my own, I connect with other owners through a common understanding of experiences that only we face in this role. Prior to starting Seeker Solution, no matter what company I was with or what level of management I was in, it was ALWAYS so much more than what one person should handle alone. I had many times throughout my journey where I felt overwhelmed and alone. It didn’t matter how many hours I added to my work day, I could never seem to keep up and the load only got heavier and heavier.

This is why I started Seeker Solution. It took me stepping out and away from the hustle to realize that I didn’t have to do it alone. And that what I went through and learned from could be repurposed to help others overcome those same obstacles.

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Andrea Hannibal


Business Consultant

Andrea Hannibal

Business Consultant

Specialties: Process, Strategic Planning, Financial

My name is Andrea Hannibal and one of my passions is for workplace efficiency. When I focus on Process Management, I use data to develop strategies for short- and long-term project management. This includes measurable accountability for the tasks at hand, while staying focused on scaling for the future. As a former educator, I excel in Learning and Development. I offer a unique perspective when evaluating systematic needs and identifying areas of great potential in organizational structures. I maximize people’s strengths to ensure they are in alignment with the expectations and positive culture of the company. I have extensive experience managing team members, holding them accountable to expectations, and finding unique ways to celebrate growth. My first-hand experience working with stakeholders on councils, governing boards, and other decision-making entities enables me to offer Strategic Planning consultation to improve business policies and procedures, lead team structures, and sales and marketing techniques. I look forward to assisting business owners hone their vision and execute their business goals.

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Kristin Byers


Business Consultant

Kristin Byers

Kristin Byers

Business Consultant

Specialties: Human Resources, Training and Development

I am Kristin Byers and I specialize in Human Resources and Training and Development. With experience in both the private and public sector, my passion is organizational behavior. That includes workplace practices, company policy, planning, programming, management and compliance. I look at how it all ties in with the purpose, people and processes within the company. I believe that individuals, the customers and employees, are unique and are the most valuable resource and key to success. So I look at all of the dynamics to determine how to be efficient and productive. My strong career proficiency across sectors enables me to efficiently implement expert solutions quickly and strategically for our clients. Combined with my aspiration for improving organizational function and employee satisfaction, I deploy traditional HR processes and modern operational solutions to drive both short term and long-term business success.

Kristin Byers's Video

Bri Dalton


Business Consultant

Brianna Dalton

Bri Dalton

Business Consultant

Specialties: Social Media

I am Brianna Dalton and I specialize in Social Media and Marketing Strategy. My career started off in the travel industry and that came to an abrupt ending when the pandemic hit us all. With extra time on my hands, I began managing a social media account for a friend and found it to be extremely exciting and rewarding! We saw immediate results, which got the attention of Seeker Solution. In my first month on the job we brought in our very first client through Instagram in our 5-year history of being on the platform. It was such an easy transition for me and has become such a passion of mine that I changed my educational path from child psychology and am now on track to finish my Master’s in Digital Audience Strategy this year. What I bring to the table is the ability to give the business personality in its online presence. I bring the company to life and the brand it represents to its customers by showcasing its products and services in a way that speaks to them and keeps them engaged.

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