Our solutions have been tested because we have proven our strategies over time in various industries. We leverage our experience and collaborate with you and your team so that we can achieve notable improvements. Your business demands are met because we successfully complete assigned action steps and projects as well as hold you and your team accountable to the goals we create together. Read about what services we have provided and projects we have completed over the years and what clients have said about them. Seeker Solution testimonials reflect the positive results and strong relationships we have built with our clients and business partners.

Munirah Henderson, Operations Strategist
Munirah Henderson, Operations Strategist
Operations Strategist

Operations Strategist

Specializing in medical office operations, Munirah will uses her experience in her Operations Strategist role at Seeker Solution. Consequently, she brings her comprehensive knowledge of the medical industry to Seeker Solution and its clients. In her previous role, Munirah was mainly responsible for coordinating and supervising company programs. She also managed team members and acted as a liaison between patients and medical office staff for Covenant Alliance. Munirah’s first-hand experience working with medical practitioners and physician administrators, enables her to strategically improve a medical practices’ business policies and procedures, leadership techniques, labor and employment compliance, and company performance.

Kristin Byers, Business Strategist
Kristin Byers, Business Strategist
Business Strategist

Business Strategist

In her Business Strategist role, Kristin brings more than 10 years of experience in human resources to Seeker Solution’s clients. With experience in both the  private and public sector, Kristin specializes in company policy, planning, programming, management, training and development, budget evaluation, and financial management. Her strong career proficiency across sectors enables her to efficiently implement expert solutions quickly and strategically for clients. Kristin has a passion for improving organizational function and employee satisfaction. She also deploys traditional HR processes and modern operational solutions. As a result, she drives both short term and long-term business success for clients.

Jamie Seeker, Principal Consultant
Jamie Seeker, Principal Consultant

Principal Consultant

With more than 15 years of corporate operations and management experience, Jamie founded Seeker Solution. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders learn, grow and thrive. As Principal Consultant, she offers custom business solutions and provides strategic support. Using result-driven tools, she enables business owners, managers and administrators to take their company to the next level. Her hands-on approach cultivates a synergistic environment to expertly assess, identify, develop, and execute a strategic business solution for each client and its company’s operational needs. As a result, she now runs a full-service company that provides comprehensive 360-degree business solutions. She also offers itemized services for companies to mix-and-match and build customized solutions for implementation.

Delivering the results you need at the highest level.

Our performance speaks for us as our clients have vouched.

Completed projects with successful results are only surface-level benefits to what we offer because those that we collaborate with have experienced so much more. So often they tell us that our strong working relationship, reliability, and sound operations advice is invaluable to their business. Our business partners and clients give a true testimony to the heart of our operation and what we are able to accomplish by working together. Business leaders have also expressed gratitude to us for facilitating transformations for the better. Our partners are satisfied with our results and we make our clients happy by exceeding their expectations. At Seeker Solution, we are genuinely proud of the companies we have worked with and are personally fulfilled when we achieve our goals together.

Sample List of Projects

Our On-boarding Process

  • Accountability Coaching
  • Budgeting
  • Branding
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Business Plan Execution
  • Career Counseling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Financial Management
  • Forecasting
  • Hiring/Firing
  • Needs Assessment
  • Process Improvement
  • Recruiting
  • Strategic Business Planning

The first thing we do is evaluate every aspect of your existing business operation. We casually talk about challenges you face and goals for the future. After assessing all of the areas important to you, we strategize about possible solutions for improvement and establish priorities. Then we take some time and propose our work plan recommendations to reach your goals and then you decide which projects and strategies to implement within your timeframe. Each project is individually tailored to meet your specific needs and we advocate, assist and refer for all major business obstacles you may face.

Seeker Solution Worldwide

Business Driven Solutions and Projects Completed All Across the Globe

Leveraging knowledge, research and analytics, our solutions have been successfully implemented worldwide. Cutting across geographical boundaries, Seeker Solution enjoys the repute of a world class solutions provider.