How to Get Your Top Recruits to Stay

Knowing organizational behavior concepts will help you improve your employee retention rates and will decrease the costs associated with high turnover. Employee retention is measured by the rate at which current employees of your organization are staying in their jobs. Furthermore, retention is the opposite of turnover. Therefore if turnover is low, then retention is high. If you can decrease [...]

How to Hire Quality Candidates in 7 Easy Steps

Are good people hard to find? If good people are hard for you to find, you need to reevaluate your recruitment strategy to recruit quality candidates. The Business Dictionary defines business recruitment as the process of finding and employing the best-qualified candidates for a job opening from within or outside of an organization in a manner which is both time [...]

Personalized Experience for Better Customer Engagement

In our last post, we talked about incorporating customer engagement into your marketing strategy. This post will dive deeper into that to help your customers feel a personalized experience for better engagement. Have you ever watched basketball? Initially, you try to put the ball in your team's basket as many times as you can in order to score as many [...]