Businesses need to familiarize themselves with the most popular video concepts when considering their marketing plans. Did you know that YouTube has gradually become the second largest search engine?

Videos have taken over social media sites and have become a favorite among the masses.  In fact, people opt for video search rather than conventional “Google” search.

The credibility of video marketing is still a new concept. Business owners often have doubts about the worth of video in marketing strategies.


Here are a couple of points to consider:

  • A video in the marketing content will improve SEO. It will also increase the chances of your website to reach the front page of Google search.
  • Vision is one of our strongest senses and the effect visual content has is much better than static text.
  • Including a video will help keep the audience hooked.
  • A viewer will watch more portion of a video as compared to reading the same content in text format.
  • Video tends to strike a chord with emotions deeper than reading written text. This creates a stronger emotional connection with your target audience.
  • A funny video tends to spark a response through laughter as well as instant sharing with friends. A depressing video triggers worry and thought among your potential audience and sparks the same sharing response. The emotional touch, therefore, results in higher visibility and conversion rates.

The Variations in Video Concepts-Marketing Strategies

When including a video in your marketing campaign, these are popular video concepts for marketing variations:


Vlogs or Video Blogs

  • A replacement of the multiple blogs that are regularly posted on a website. These are cheaper to create but can be a great boost to your marketing strategy. Someone might read halfway through a product or company blog, but an interesting video blog engages the audience through a longer time span.

Culture Videos

  • Customers enjoy connecting behind the scenes with businesses they love. The masterminds behind a thriving company are more times than not very interesting people. They dictate the cultural and work ethics prevalent within the company. Videos that portray workplace culture is about bringing life to your brand. Use short interviews of a couple of employees, celebrations in the office or an appraisal program, humorous skits. Anything that will make the viewer connect emotionally with your company. They can also be used for internal communication as an employee retention tool.

Video Interviews

  • Video interviews are an awesome way to market your brand and pass on a message to a larger audience. Shoot an interview with other leaders in the industry or get testimonials from customers and get your viewers hooked. While they contemplate the topic of discussion in the interview, connect with the audience and share details of any upcoming service with your customers.

Event Video

  • This is a video where you shoot a live corporate event.  The cost of such videos is high due to logistical expenses. Instead, capture snippets of dedicated employees and motivated product designers and the “happy work culture” and include it in the marketing content.

Presentation Video

  • It is a very useful and engaging video resource. Conventional static presentations are gradually getting replaced with interactive presentation videos.  A presentation video keeps the audience engaged. Presentation videos can be used for unveiling a new product or service or pitches to investors or business partners.

Tutorial Video

  • The workings of a product could appear complex to a potential buyer, discouraging them from buying the product. A current customer might also experience a problem with their product and need some guidance to troubleshoot their problem. A tutorial video will help the potential customer understand the product and clarify any doubts. This makes it easier for them to make a purchasing decision. It can also rectify an issue with a current customer’s product. A tutorial is simply an actionable resource that will be helpful for your potential and current customers.

Product Review

  • What can be more trusting for a buyer than the assurance from another customer who has used it already? Just turn those reviews into videos to make a lasting impression. Product reviews and testimonials need to be genuine so the use of actual customers is a plus. This testimonial differs from the video interview because you remove the interviewer from the video.


  • Animations have always struck an instant chord with the kids and adult customers as well. Using animations to explain complex concepts lowers its “shock” factor and makes it easier for viewers to understand. It adds the much-needed fun element to your marketing.

Key objectives while you are making a video include connecting emotionally with viewers, grabbing their attention, engaging them, explaining a product and increasing conversion factors. The list above contains some of the most effective video marketing tactics available in the market today. Chose one of the video concepts that works for you and get out there and start creating your videos today!