Workplace Culture and Consequences
Every successful workplace culture should include consequences. Win together. Fail together. As a mom of seven children, I have used a variety of methods which work at home to improve…
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5 Workplace Actions Killing Careers
Habits are hard to break. Five actions commonly found in the workplace could probably kill your career and work culture. As the mom of seven children, I’ve heard and seen…
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Teamwork vs. Me Work – A Happy Workforce
Managing your staff is a fine balance of setting boundaries and creating a participatory teamwork environment. “Teamwork” turns into “me work” if employees don’t work well together, even if they…
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How to Get Your Top Recruits to Stay
Knowing organizational behavior concepts will help you improve your employee retention rates and will decrease the costs associated with high turnover. Employee retention is measured by the rate at which…
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What To Do When You Have A Bad Boss
Bad boss or manager is probably the most common cause for employees resigning. A major percentage of attrition rate is due to bad managers or incapable bosses and not because…
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Interns: Should We or Shouldn’t We?
Are you contemplating hiring interns and/or starting a new internship program at your company? My goal is to provide you with some insight to consider whether hiring interns is the…
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