Every successful workplace culture should include consequences. Win together. Fail together. As a mom of seven children, I have used a variety of methods which work at home to improve employee performance at work. In fact, I turn to my days as a recreation coach for assigning consequences. My limited time is valuable and it was important to me that [...]


Habits are hard to break. Five actions commonly found in the workplace could probably kill your career and work culture. As the mom of seven children, I’ve heard and seen it all. Actions of poor behavior among employees stifle business. To identify these detrimental actions, use our Solutions, and see immediate results boosting your bottom line. ACTION 1: “HONESTLY…” When [...]

Teamwork vs. Me Work – A Happy Workforce

Managing your staff is a fine balance of setting boundaries and creating a participatory teamwork environment. “Teamwork” turns into “me work” if employees don’t work well together, even if they are the best and brightest in their field. A Teamwork Top-Down Approach Successful leaders set the stage. A well-equipped workforce is vital. Jobs don’t get done without the right tools. [...]

How to Get Your Top Recruits to Stay

Knowing organizational behavior concepts will help you improve your employee retention rates and will decrease the costs associated with high turnover. Employee retention is measured by the rate at which current employees of your organization are staying in their jobs. Furthermore, retention is the opposite of turnover. Therefore if turnover is low, then retention is high. If you can decrease [...]

How to Hire Quality Candidates in 7 Easy Steps

Are good people hard to find? If good people are hard for you to find, you need to reevaluate your recruitment strategy to recruit quality candidates. The Business Dictionary defines business recruitment as the process of finding and employing the best-qualified candidates for a job opening from within or outside of an organization in a manner which is both time [...]

What To Do When You Have A Bad Boss

Bad boss or manager is probably the most common cause for employees resigning. A major percentage of attrition rate is due to bad managers or incapable bosses and not because of organizational policies. Don't most of us feel that the manager's job is a cakewalk and you could definitely do better than them? The point is, how much do you [...]

Making or Managing: 5 Steps to Take When Mistakes are Made

“Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them.” - Bruce Lee And that is where learning begins. Mistakes, they say, are precious lessons in life, be it in your personal life or professional. Whether you are a supervisor or an employee, mistakes are inevitable and we need to deal with them. Dealing with them means analyzing [...]

Interns: Should We or Shouldn’t We?

Are you contemplating hiring interns and/or starting a new internship program at your company? My goal is to provide you with some insight to consider whether hiring interns is the right fit for you. Interns: Investment or a Costly mistake? There can be many benefits to bringing on an intern: Tap into some fresh talent for a portion of the [...]

Are Millennials the Problem in Your Workplace?

First, let’s be clear: generational gaps in the workplace is NOT a new obstacle. I distinctly remember going through diversity training and as a Generation X-er. They taught all about my Baby Boomer counterparts that paved the way in the workplace before me. I learned about how they think and what’s important to them. Also, I learned that although they look and act differently from me, they value many of the same things I do. I remember thinking how beneficial that training was. Over the years I found ways to connect to my co-workers (older and eventually younger generations alike). I also learned to rely on their differing perspectives and wisdom to guide my path. […]