Did you start your own business and find you’re left with a lot less in your pocket than you anticipated? Stressed over finances? You’re not alone. The total debt of American non-financial corporations as a percentage of GDP has reached a record high of 73.3%. The Economist The trend trickles down into households. Americans have racked up another astounding spending [...]

Small Business Tax Tips for 2018

Small business and personal taxes are due at different times of the year. Tax day this year - for individuals - is April 17th. Why? April 15, 2018, falls on a Sunday and District of Columbia Emancipation Day will be observed on Monday, April 16, 2018. Small Business Tax Calendar For business? Well, are you a Corporation or LLC? Your [...]

Teamwork vs. Me Work – A Happy Workforce

Managing your staff is a fine balance of setting boundaries and creating a participatory teamwork environment. “Teamwork” turns into “me work” if employees don’t work well together, even if they are the best and brightest in their field. A Teamwork Top-Down Approach Successful leaders set the stage. A well-equipped workforce is vital. Jobs don’t get done without the right tools. [...]

Is Employee Satisfaction Really Linked to Profitability? The Test of Time Says Yes.

Building a profitable company is one of the most important goals for any business, no matter the size. But how a business goes about making their company profitable has changed a lot over the years. In the 1970's and 1980's managers focused on market share while today they look at other factors. Especially relevant, these factors play a much bigger [...]

Top Areas to Automate for Higher Productivity

Technology is transforming the way we operate and execute our businesses. Contrary to popular belief, technology is not really replacing humans but it enhances our roles. Repetitive and large scale jobs don’t need continuous human intervention. These jobs are done significantly faster and with higher efficiency by deploying the right technology. While we tend to reduce the overhead costs of [...]

Operations Part 3: Management in a Nutshell

In Operations Part 1, we started by covering policy, process, and procedure. We defined them and touched on why they are an integral part of your business. Then in Operations Part 2, we switched gears to talk about what to look for and how to manage the operation and its processes effectively and efficiently. So Operations Part 3 will cover [...]

Operations Part 2: Are You Managing Efficiently?

Business owners or stakeholders have a common goal and that is having a sustainable business. In the last blog, we discussed policy, process, and procedure, defined them and touched on why they are an integral part of your business. So this topic will cover managing efficiently: what to look for and how to manage the operation and its processes effectively. [...]

Operations Part 1: Policy, Process & Procedure – Do You Know the Difference?

It’s surprising how a majority of top business owners use the terms policy, process & procedure interchangeably. Incorrectly defining the objectives associated with these three pillars of business could affect overall productivity. It can also degenerate the profits of your company through inefficiencies. 3 Ways “Policies” are an Integral Part of Your Business: A policy is a set of guidelines [...]