Did you start your own business and find you’re left with a lot less in your pocket than you anticipated? Stressed over finances? You’re not alone. The total debt of American non-financial corporations as a percentage of GDP has reached a record high of 73.3%. The Economist The trend trickles down into households. Americans have racked up another astounding spending [...]


Odds are you’ve been asked, “Where are you going for summer vacation?” Half of Americans would say they aren’t taking a summer vacation. A quarter of Americans can’t afford it. Bankrate As with all things in life, if you really want to take a break away from the office, it might be as easy as organizing your way to it. [...]

My competent employees aren’t meeting expectations and it’s my fault

Do you have an employee that you know is capable of great things but never seems to measure up? Do you see them working hard but you can’t quite put your finger on why they aren’t meeting your expectations? Well, maybe you never really clearly defined them. Therefore, this post will show you how to set expectations. In working with [...]

7 tips to run a successful meeting

How to Run a Successful Meeting On top of managing your daily responsibilities, meetings are a necessary evil in everyday corporate life. I've never come across an employee that says "meetings" are their favorite part of the job. But in my opinion, bad meeting management, not the meeting itself, is the reason why employees don't like meetings. Meeting facilitators must [...]

Strategic Planning Part 2: Implementation

Strategic planning is very important for the growth of any business. Management education has advanced strategic planning by incorporating it more and more into the curriculum, thus management graduates can create a plan and devise a strategy as they enter the corporate world. In the previous article Strategic Planning Part 1: Preparation, we focused more on the approach to preparing [...]

Strategic Planning Part 1: Preparation

Effective Business Plan: Strategic Planning “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. So managers should have a business plan as one of the many tools to run a successful business. Developing an effective strategic plan that makes optimum use of the resources at their disposal can be difficult for some. So, I will highlight different approaches to come up with [...]