Welcome to my website

I have spent years of my life, working at one business at a time. I worked to improve business operations at non-profits, large franchises, charities, retail, industrial and locally owned private businesses covering multiple industries. Over these years I have learned so much about the needs and obstacles that organizations face. I can make a bigger impact and reach a larger scale by taking my experience a step further. Now it’s time to take my knowledge and expertise public and have started my own company, Seeker Solution. So I guess this is my formal intro!


I could go on about why you need to know what I do and how I can help you or someone you know. But I will simply say my website is the best place to start if you are interested in learning more about the service solutions I offer. You may not have time to read through every page. I suggest you watch the 2-minute informational video posted on the home page that gives an overview of the business and how it may be a good fit for you. You may also visit our YouTube Channel. We post relevant tips on topics useful for any business operator.

Of course, I’d love to work with you in your business! But having you as a referral resource is just as valuable. Please contact Seeker Solution if you have any questions or ideas by calling (623) 606-9911 or email jseeker@seekersolution.com. I can’t wait to hear from every one of you.