Odds are you’ve been asked, “Where are you going for summer vacation?” Half of Americans would say they aren’t taking a summer vacation. A quarter of Americans can’t afford it. Bankrate As with all things in life, if you really want to take a break away from the office, it might be as easy as organizing your way to it. [...]


My job, (or life), description looks something like this: Wife. Mom of five. Household CEO. Business CFO. Entrepreneur. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Volunteer. Director of child development. Chef. Event planner. Scheduler and play date organizer. Business operations specialist. Household operations specialist. Professional and personal accountant. Athlete. Housekeeper. And chauffeur. You don’t need to look at my productivity system and think that [...]


Across the U.S., 22 million administrative professionals serve as the loyal, devoted backbone of business. We thrive on being able to train and work with these hard workers. Why? Because admins create the tone for the companies they represent. ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS - A HISTORY During WWII, the National Secretaries Association forms. The ambitious organization recognizes the contributions of underappreciated secretaries [...]


Habits are hard to break. Five actions commonly found in the workplace could probably kill your career and work culture. As the mom of seven children, I’ve heard and seen it all. Actions of poor behavior among employees stifle business. To identify these detrimental actions, use our Solutions, and see immediate results boosting your bottom line. ACTION 1: “HONESTLY…” When [...]

Teamwork vs. Me Work – A Happy Workforce

Managing your staff is a fine balance of setting boundaries and creating a participatory teamwork environment. “Teamwork” turns into “me work” if employees don’t work well together, even if they are the best and brightest in their field. A Teamwork Top-Down Approach Successful leaders set the stage. A well-equipped workforce is vital. Jobs don’t get done without the right tools. [...]

4 Ways to Train Your Staff

What is Training? Training is the process through which any individual in the workplace develops any particular set of skills, knowledge and expertise that relates to specific useful competencies. The purpose is to improve your employees’ capability, capacity, productivity and performance. Basic training might get the job done initially. However you must continue into the long run to see more [...]

5 Action Steps for Popular Training and Development Options

In our last article, we talked about training and development, the key components to performance, and how they benefit both employees and employers alike. We also noted different ways to administer training in your workforce to accommodate your individual needs. In this commentary, we will go into a little more detail, giving examples of the types of popular training and [...]

Training and Development Part 1: The Cornerstones

Training and development are two pillars holding up the bar of performance that an employee delivers. Good training gives knowledge to executives and makes them efficient in the workplace. On the other hand, development is the ongoing process of growth that readies them for the future. Competition for top talent is heating up so roles that offer a better vision [...]