Marketing Part 1: Video is the Future

The Great Change in Marketing Strategy With the online and data plan revolution sweeping the world, the legacy marketing strategies have transformed themselves into more appealing online campaigns. Over the last decade, social media marketing, blogs, articles, backlinks, referrals, Ads, and popups have ruled. However, 2016 proved the new emerging format for online marketing is Video marketing. Therefore, selling ideas [...]

First Blog Post…Ever!

Welcome to my website I have spent years of my life, working at one business at a time. I worked to improve business operations at non-profits, large franchises, charities, retail, industrial and locally owned private businesses covering multiple industries. Over these years I have learned so much about the needs and obstacles that organizations face. I can make a bigger impact and reach a larger scale by taking my experience a step further. Now it’s time to take my knowledge and expertise public and have started my own company, Seeker Solution. So I guess this is my formal intro! […]